Nakita's Interview for the Fans!

You ask the Questions!

That's right, you get to ask me the questions, and I will answer them right here at! Join my KashKlub for your chance to get to know me up close and personal! Only active members get to "interview me!"





Q: When will you come to Houston?

A: I would love to come for the SuperBowl!


Q: How could I get a date with you?

A: Well, very soon I will be offering to win a date with me.  I will be joining a list of Porn Stars that are making themselves available for this opportunity. is running a contest for you to enter.  The details are not on the website yet, but I promise to tell all of you as soon as it is finalized!


Q: Do you really like to fuck?

A: um, well have you seen my movies?????

Q: Do you like big dicks?

A: I like 'em all!


Q: Whats the biggest cock you have had?

A: I guess I didn't measure it.  I suppose it was a cross between Lee Stone and Evan Stone.  I do remember running away from one that was too big in high school.  That thing was the biggest thing I have ever seen (in person).

Q: Do u like oral sex?

A: I would rather give than receive.  Although I do enjoy a good tonguing!


Q: I wanna see Nakita Kash pics for free.

A: Well, if you go to the free pix section of this website, you will find many of them!  You can find the icon at the top of this page.  Just click on it and browse away!

Q: About how many times does a married couple fuck a week?

A: I don't know, I have never been married. 

Q:Do you like giving head, or getting head?

A: I would rather give than receive.


Q: What position gets you off the easiest (quickest)?

A: I think I have answered this before, but it's cowgirl.

Q: Have you ever done a girl girl scene with Kendra Jade? I would love to see you two girls do a scene together.

A: No, I haven't.


Q: Do you like to watch a man jack off?

A: Yes, I love to watch!  It is one of my favorite things!


Q: Are you and Shari Lauren going to work together ? and or have you two have had sex since you have become friends?

A: Shari Lauren is not a hardcore performer.  She and I have not had sex.  Sorry, but you know I would tell you all the juicy details if we had!


Q: Are you a lesbo?

A: No I am not, I love cock very much and I could never give it up.  Though I can understand why you would ask that question.  You may want to try snooping around this site, you may find some information as to why I have done so many g/g scenes. 


Q: Have you ever swallowed after a blow job?

A: Just last night!  But I have not done that on camera.  Let me follow this one up with another question- would you like to see me do that on camera?


Q: How old are you and are you single?

A: I am not single and didn't you know that it is bad manners to ask a woman her age?  But I guess it's part of the job so I will let you know that I am 20-something.


Q: Explain how you would give a guy head.

A: First I have to state that if it doesn't fit into my hand perfectly then it is difficult to work.  I start by gripping it firmly.  I like to work the whole shaft with my mouth for a while until I stroke with my hand, so I suck up and down for a while.  Slowly I start working some tongue action around the head in a circular motion.  Then I work my hand up and down along with my mouth so they are going at the same speed and the same motion.  After doing this for some time, I then move my tongue action to focusing on just under the tip of the head (still in circles just a specified area).  When I start this tongue action then I rotate my hand so it is twisting.  It usually doesn't take long with all the build up when I start the hand twist and the tongue just under the tip.
There you go!  I hope you get this kind of treatment at home!


Q: My wife sucks my cock and does a good job.  She even swallows my load, which is usually quite a bit (I produce a lot of cock juice).  Is there anything that I can do to make my jizz taste better?  She loves sweets, and I would love to give her a sweet load the next time she blows me.
I sell bottles of fluid solutions here in my store.  Your cum will taste plenty sweet after taking this supplement!  Your wife will be very happy, and so will your pocketbook because it's only $18!


Q: Were you blonde at one time?


Q: When are you going to come home and visit Washington Ave?
I guess that's a touchy subject.  I have several times visited both Deja Vu and Dreamgirls when I come home to visit family.  I usually just stop by to see management and any girls that are still around.  I haven't worked for either in many years because of a few reasons.  1. I am asking for more money than any other club, and they are not willing to pay for it.  2. The reason I am asking for so much money is because I have a small problem with appearing at home.  I would love to see everyone and be around Minnesotans (God would I love that!), but I am worried about putting my porn star status in my family's face.  I know that I would be advertised everywhere, and I don't think I am comfortable with it.  How would you feel if your daughter's name and face was everywhere you looked and erotic words were attached to it.  My family is by no means dissapointed in me.  They fully support me and my happiness.  But we have not been faced with too many things like this.  Once I made the mistake of doing a radio show when I came home for Mother's Day.  I had to get up really early so I naturally told all my family where I was going.  Then fear struck me, they asked if they could listen.  Well who was I to stop them?  I told them that they probably wouldn't want to, but If they didn't mind then I didn't either.  So, on my way there I was freaking out.  What should I do?  Tame what could be an extremely sexy show, or let it all hang out only to have my family cringe at having their precious daughter talked to like a slut?  I opted for the latter.  Well thankfully MN is a very conservative area, and the show wasn't as bad as others.  In fact, they were trying to tame me.  My parents weren't listening but other family members and their friends were and thought the show was great!

The answer to your question is I don't know.  I guess if the right amount of money is offered to me, I will take the chance of family embarrassment again.


Q: How often do you masturbate, and what do you use most often?
When I am on tour and alone, I masturbate daily.  It is a perfect way to end the day!  I use my hand.


Q: I want to have anal with my wife, but she says no.  However, she says it feels good when I finger her ass when we are fucking.  What's my next move?  How do I close the deal? 
First of all, never think of your wife like buying a car.  You don't 'close the deal' on any sexual behavior.  She's your wife, which means that you have a lifetime together.  You can't rush this.  I myself started having anal explorations with just a rim job.  Take it slow, step by step.  Let your finger get closer and closer to penetrating, soon she will want you to put your whole finger all the way in.  Then it is time to move on to small toys and eventually she will be begging for your cock.  Remember don't rush it!!!!!  If it takes you years to get anywhere, then who cares- it will be something that you always have to look forward to.  Please remember that her body was not made to do this and it does feel different.  Love her and be patient with her.


Q: Why do you prefer small tits?
I don't prefer small tits, I just like the way mine feel.


Q: Does size matter?
In a way, yes.


Q: When is your birthday?
A:  September 19th


Q: Any advice for men whose dream is to get a part in an adult film?
A: First of all you need to make a trip to LA. Before making that trip to LA, you need to find the hottest girl you know that wants to do movies too. Bring her with you and make sure she says that she only wants to work with you. Companies will hire her and if they want her to do boy/girl, then they HAVE to hire you too. This is the only way I know for new male talent to break in. Nobody in the industry wants to take a chance on new male talent, including directors and female talent! No pun intended, but male talent has the hardest job. Not many men out there can handle it. Put it this way; if you are 150% confident that you can fuck a 300 lb. girl on gravel in 30 degree weather with all of your immediate family watching your every move, then you can conquer porn!


Q: Do you like Mexican American men?
A: I Have dated a couple. Sine I don't have much to say about them, that's all I will say period....hehehe!


Q: What's your favorite position?
A: I love doggie, but I can only cum really hard on top- cowgirl style.


Q: Do I like what I do for a living?
A: I LOVE IT! I have the best job in the world!

Q: Which is the favorite movie that I have made?
A: Kash from Sin City, it has my first ever Boy-Girl scene with Evan Stone. Michael Raven directed it and you can find it in my store.

Q: Who is your favorite to work with on camera?
A: My favorite girl used to be Katie Gold, but she is not in the industry anymore. So, since I am an advisory of breaking in girls, my favorite kind are petite, young blondes with big tits&&&..(SLUTS)&hehe.

Q: Which do you like better girls or guys?
A: I can honestly say that I am 50/50 on that matter, I really dont have a general preference of one over the other. Of course, when I am in the mood to have sweet, yet passionate sex- I pick chicks, and when I wanna fuck-its men all the way BABY!
My favorite guy is Evan Stone!

Q: Do you still enjoy sex off camera?
A: Duh, um .......HELL YES!!!!!!!

Q: Do you enjoy anal sex?
A: Yes, I do. I am still fairly inexperienced in it, but I practice every time I masturbate!

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
A: I have a lot of animals- they take up a lot of my time! Otherwise, I dont really have a lot of spare time. I am usually working or spending my time in front of the camera for you! I also have a very weird hobby for a porn star. I have this fascination with coupons. I can go to the grocery store and spend $100 and get $250 worth of food! This is one of the most amazing things (for me)! I am one of those people that doesnt like the markup on clothing and food and anything else we purchase. Did you know that there is a 600% markup on alcohol in a club? When you pay $5.25 for a Jack n Coke in a club, it only costs the club a quarter! I guess taking advantage of not being taken advantage of as a consumer, makes me happy. These are the reasons things are not that expensive on my site, I try to keep everything under $20. Anyway, I spend a lot of time clipping coupons! I also snoop around online trying to find coupons. If at anytime any of you guys (or girls) out there feel like giving me a present, send me coupons! I would love you for it!




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