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April 19, 2004

LOS ANGELES - Adult actress and dancer Nakita Kash has been named to Easy Rider's Top Ten Exotic Dancers' list. This adds to a resume that includes titles as Exotic Northern USA's Hottest Body, Miss Nude Galaxy Go-Go, Erotic Adult Entertainer of the Year, and national and international exotic pole dancing championships. Kash told AVN she learned of the Easy Rider Top Ten listing "a few weeks ago," but didn't know which issue would carry it. "I was pretty much honored," she said about the listing. "You know, there's a lot of exotic dancers in the country and to be in somebody's Top Ten is pretty cool." Kash had done no contest work since 1999. "I started doing movies in 1997," she said, "and I slowly ventured away from contests and more doing movies, because it took a lot out of my schedule to do so many contests in a year. I'd prepare a month, between choreography, costuming, propmaking. It was not extremely profitable, there are some decent prizes but it was more for the title and not for the money, and I'd ventured into areas that were more profitable for me." She said dancing was likely to be her longterm future. "It's always been my future," she said. "I started dancing in late 1994. My main reason for doing movies was to get more on the road. I've always been a dancer at heart. I love the stage. I think that I'll probably decide to continue dancing after I decide to stop doing films." Just when she might decide to stop doing films, Kash would not say for now. "I don't think I'll be doing it when I'm 40, that's for sure," she said. She's scheduled to appear at the Cheetah III club in Pompano, Florida April 27-May 1. She also appears on the cover of the April issue of southern Florida's Playtime magazine.


Interview for SX Magazine - Updated November 11, 2003

SX: Where were you born?

NAKITA:  Faribault, MN

SX:   What are your measurements and statistics?

NAKITA: height-5'7", weight-120, eye color- blue, hair color- red, measurements- 34B-25-26, shoe size- 8, dress size- 4.

SX: Do you have any siblings?

NAKITA: Two sisters

SX: How did you get started in the adult industry?

NAKITA: I started by house dancing at Dťjŗ vu in Minneapolis, MN

SX: How old where you when you got started?

NAKITA: I was 18 and still in High School at Lakeville Sr. High

SX:  How long have you been a feature performer?

NAKITA: Since 1996

SX:  Have you done any films?

NAKITA: About 100

SX: f yes, please name a few and tell us which one is your favorite and why?

NAKITA:  I  My favorite is Kash, because it was written for me and it was my first b/g.  I put a lot of effort into it

SX: Please tell us about your magazines, TV and radio appearances.

NAKITA: The only one that matters is this oneÖhehe.

SX: What is your greatest accomplishment?

NAKITA: Staying level headed with all this craziness around me.  It really takes a lot of common sense to keep it together in this business and be able to stay in it.

SX: Where do you currently reside?

NAKITA: I live in St. Petersburg, FL

SX: How do you parents feel about your career choice?

NAKITA: They wish that I would do something else, but I think after doing it for so many years, they think itís pretty normal now.

SX: Do you have a significant other?


SX: f yes, how did you two meet?

NAKITA: I  Well, he has been my dance agent for years and we met over the phone.

SX: What qualities to find most important in a man?

NAKITA: Confidence

SX: In your opinion, what do you find most sexy about a man?

NAKITA: masculinity, no not machoness-but manliness

SX: What is the most important thing in your life today? 

NAKITA: Having a place to get away from it all and just be myself without having to entertain people.  Donít get me wrong, I love to entertain and have everybodyís eyes on me.  But its nice to just have some peace and quiet sometimes.  

SX: Describe a typical day in your life. 

NAKITA:  On the road I wake (usually late because my mind and body are tired from the previous night), sometimes go to the gym at the hotel and get a lite workout in, but if the hotel doesnít have a gym I head to breakfast.  Then I lie around my hotel either playing with my dog, answering phone calls or watching a movie until I have to start getting ready for my first show of the day.  I like to pamper myself for about 3 hours before going to a club.  Having a nice bath putting on my makeup and using a nice foot lotion are all things that I do in this time period.  I get picked up for the club, usually with my dog in tow we head out for the night.  After settling in my dressing room I lay out my plan of attack for the night carefully selecting each costume to wear.  I relax, have a cigarette and prepare for the first show.  As the night progresses, I do shows and relax in between  playing with my dog giving him love and attention, stretch, apply more shiny glitter to my body and smoke.  I guess it sounds kinda boring but I love my job.  At the end of the night I am taken back to my hotel.  I let the puppy go pee pee before getting to my room.  Then I hop in the shower, apply all the necessary lotions to my body and cuddle up with BB in bed.  At this point I am exhausted but adrenaline is rushing from being on stage with all those horny people watching me so I either read or watch a movie to help me to fall asleep.

SX: How do you maintain such a gorgeous body?

NAKITA: I like my ab wheel itís easy to travel with and it kicks my ass!!!!  I try to keep active but I really only go to the gym if I have one in a hotel that I am staying in.  I love to roller blade (itís the only way to keep up with my dog) I like to take walks and I even run sometimes.  I donít lift a lot of weights but I do like to work my biceps, triceps, gluts, and calves.

SX:  What is your favorite food?

NAKITA: Edamame

SX: What is your favorite dessert?

NAKITA:   pecan pie-only if made well

SX: What is your favorite fast food?

NAKITA: Chicken sandwich with cheese from Burger King

SX: What is your favorite restaurant? 

NAKITA: This little place named Snappers on our island.  Killer meals for a decent price!  Favorite menu item is the potato crusted scamp grouper.

SX: Do you have any pets, if yes, please tell us about them.

NAKITA:  I have a miniature pinscher named BB

SX: Do you have a favorite club at which you have performed?

NAKITA: Jills Lounge in Wheeling, WV

SX: What do you see yourself doing Ė 5 yrs -  10 yrs Ė 20 yrs from now?

NAKITA: married with at least one kid owning a business preferably a tanning salon, thatís my dream.

SX: Do you have any hobbies?

NAKITA: I like to make scrapbooks for family members.  I love to fish off our dock, and I love giving love and attention to my dog-heís so spoiled

SX: What would you like your fans to know about you?

NAKITA: Iím normal and they can talk to me like a normal person.

SX: What is something that your fans donít know about you, that they may be surprised to find out?

NAKITA:  I was never abused by my parents and I actually have a very supportive loving family contrary to the belief that most porn stars are from poor upbringings.

SX: What is your favorite thing to do when you are not working?

NAKITA: Go to amusement parks with my boyfriend.  Thatís what we do when I have a weekend off at home.

SX: Are you happy?

NAKITA: Immensely!

SX: What is your idea of a dream vacation? 

NAKITA: A secluded all inclusive resort where my cellphone doesnít work and I can lay on the beach tanning all day and lay on the beach fucking all night.

SX: What was your most embarrassing moment?

NAKITA: I was at the grocery store with my boyfriend picking out some meat from the deli.  I bent over to look at the meat and was standing there for a while before my boyfriend walked behind me to go over to the other side of the counter when he walked behind me he notice that there was a big hole in the crotch of my jeans.  There were tons of people behind me who had a great view until my boyfriend noticed.  When we got home I took them off and found a perfectly round hole that had been chewed out by my dog exactly where my pussy rubs against my jeans!!

SX: How would your friends describe you?

NAKITA: Reserved and selective.

SX:  If you just won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do with the money?

NAKITA: Buy a home.

SX: f you could have anything in the world Ė what would you wish for?

NAKITA: To be young forever

SX: What is your favorite city?

NAKITA: Minneapolis, of course!

SX: Where is your favorite beach?

NAKITA: St. Pete Beach, FL

SX: How much do you typically spend on your costumes?

NAKITA: Average $1000

SX: Whoís the one person that you admire the most?

NAKITA: My mother, I hope I grow up to be like her.

SX: If you could have dinner with anyoneÖ.past or present, who would that person be and why?

NAKITA: Larry Flynt and his wife, because he has an interesting view upon the industry and I would like to see if he treats his wife the way he treats his product.

SX: When will you be appearing at Jillís?

NAKITA: December 3-6

SX: How many days out of a month or year are you on the road traveling?

NAKITA:   Average two weeks a month.

SX: What keeps you going?  

NAKITA: The feeling I have when I am on the stage and when people tell me that I do a great show.  Itís nice to know that you are good at what you love doing.

SX: What is your most treasured possession?  And why

NAKITA: My dog, he has been with me for 5 years and he is my companion.  Itís as simple as that.

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Interview with Arizona Playtime  (text and interview by Peter Built)

ABOUT - Nakita Kash has got to be one of the smartest ladies in adult film today. Having been in the adult film industry for only five years, her sexy physique saturates the Internet pages and her tan lines are arguably the most provocative and unique attribute of any true porn star. By planning her career as meticulously as an architects blueprint, Ms. Kash is one of the few stars that has been able to smoothly and frequently transition from hardcore to mainstream and back again. Hollywood directors call for Nakita just as much as the ones in Van Nuys.

While she has been in the world of erotic film for five years now, Nakita has managed to only perform in two boy/girl scenes. Her second boy/girl scene has just been released by VCA in the movie Jolean and the Pussycats while her first with Evan Stone in Kash is an absolute must see. For the lady lovers out there, The Devinn Lane Show Episode I: Forbidden Zone is now available, featuring Nakita in a sizzling girl/girl scene with Phoenix Ray and Devinn Lane.

Nakita has just completed two more mainstream movies, Lethal Wedlock, and Stefans Lira. Shes been involved with six other mainstream projects with Playboy, HBO, and Direct TVs Voyeur and can be seen in the series 101 Nights airing now on Cinemax. Shes also featured in a Playboy movie called Exhibitionist Files and was hostess of Hustlers Real College Girls. Nakita has actually been so busy that she had to turn down a role to act with Sylvester Stallone and Melanie Griffith.

I was fortunate enough to catch Nakita in between shoots to talk about life, love and the pursuit of a good lay.

Playtime: You lost the tan lines on your boobs! Did you get a lot of flack from your peers for having pale titties?
Nakita Kash: A lot of photographers complained about them and asked me to lose the tan lines, so I lost the ones on my breasts. I dont know that Ill ever get rid of the ones on the bottom, though. It makes guys think theyre looking at something theyre not supposed to.

Playtime: Your website is under some major construction right now. What can we look forward to when its completed?
NK: Pictures, tons of video clips, pay-per-view live sex shows and solo, boy/girl, girl/girl with other adult stars in the industry. The front page will always be updated with news about appearances, a diary about my experiences on the sets and on the road. The live video will be shot in my bedroom. Ill bring male and female porn stars over. Therell be all kinds of fun things for people to watch.

Playtime: I know youre not new to fucking boys, so why did you wait so long before you started doing movies with them?
NK: Ive only been doing the boy/girl thing in my movies for a little over a year now in my five-year history. I really wanted to get comfortable in the industry and get to know everybody in it. Girls get in the industry and get taken advantage of early on. I just wanted to play it smart, I didnt mean for it to take 3 and a half years, though. Michael Raven and I worked for about a year on Kash. All along I knew my first was going to be Evan Stone. Ive known him for five years now and I met him before I even did my first movie. I messed around with him but we never had sex until we did it in front of the camera.

Playtime: Are you still friends with sex starlet Tabitha Stevens?

NK: I love Tabitha! Shes fabulous. I hate her right now, though. The Sylvester Stallone movie I was offered I sent to her and she shot it yesterday. I love her but Im jealous.

Playtime: How many films have you done?
NK: About a hundred.

Playtime: Which was the most fun?
NK: Kash, my first boy girl movie. It was so exciting! I knew everybody on the set. There was so much sexual tension between Evan and me.

Playtime: What was your funniest sexual experience?
NK: A Girls Affair #43. I was doing a scene with Bobby (aka Cassidy) and another girl. I had a strap-on and was on my back. Bobby was on top of me and shes fucking me so hard that we bent the legs of the round metal table we were on. Slowly but surely, we bent the legs until the table was all the way down to the ground. It was completely flat but we didnt notice it until we were on the ground. We started laughing and Bobby pissed herself&onto me!

Playtime: Do you feel funny having sex in front of your pets?
NK: Sometimes. Only because theyre like my children. If they look at me when Im having sex, I shove em out of the room.

Playtime: If you could be a spokes model for any product, what would it be?
NK: Rockstar, the drink. I like drinking it and I would love to be one of their calendar girls.

Playtime: Whats your favorite pick up line?
NK: To use to a girl, Nice tits. To a guy, Lets fuck! For somebody to say something to me I really get a smile on my face when somebody says to me, You smell good.

Playtime: Whats the creepiest place youve ever had sex?
NK: A dirty hotel room in the Midwest.

Playtime: Who are your favorite stars to work with?
NK: Tabitha Stevens, Evan Stone and Devinn Lane as a producer and director and talent.

Playtime: Finish this sentence: I have never&
NK: &had sex in an airplane. But Id like to!

Playtime: Do you have any obsessions or fetishes?
NK: I have a huge obsession with people pulling my hair. I have a huge foot fetish& not that I like them but that I have serious orgasms from people rubbing my feet. I like ass worship, but usually on my own.

Playtime: Whats your favorite sexual position?
NK: Doggy with men. Missionary with women, but I like to be on top.

Playtime: Who is your fantasy lay of all time?
NK: Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie. I met Leonardo. It was horrible. You know how it is when you meet somebody youre dying to meet for your entire life and you choke. Thats what happened. I could have been sexy and grabbed his dick and told him how much I want to fuck him or something. Something really cool that would stick in his memory. I was introduced to him as a porn star, so it wouldnt have been much of a shock to him. But I couldnt say anything. I just stared at him and said, Hi. I havent met Angelina, but now that Billy Bob knows I want to fuck her hell probably keep her far away from me.

Playtime: What is your most embarrassing fantasy?
NK: People usually dont want to hear this, but I love boy/boy fucking. Love it! Love It! Most guys dont want to hear about that so I cant talk to too many people about that. I have a few girlfriends that love it just as much as I do, but some even are like, Ew, thats gross, yuck.




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